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  EasyBookingSite provides a turn-key hotel booking website template that you can use for your travel business.
You can be brand new to the travel industry or a seasoned professional looking for an easier way to sell hotel rooms.
Our template is fully customizable and easy for you to style to match your own colors and brand image.

Site Setup is Easy

  • Be up and running in less than a day

Easy To Customize

  • Use your own colors and branding
  • Use your own domain name
  • Choose to display up to 35 languages
  • Shop and book in up to 27 currencies

Easy To Understand Commissions

  • Earn up to 5% commission per booking
  • Keep track of your bookings with your full booking dashboard

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This is a live site, you can make a real booking

Your site your brand

Branded confirmation emails

You can manage all your bookings

Customer booking management

Site control panel

Administration panel

Customize deals on your home page

Customizable SEO

Integrate Google Analytics

TripAdvisor ratings and reviews

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